Local Law 97

321 Go!

HPD’s free LL97 compliance helpdesk for affordable housing

Managing affordable housing?

Worried about LL97?

321 Go! is a free program offered by HPD and NYSERDA in partnership with NYC Accelerator, to help affordable housing buildings comply with LL97, reduce energy costs, and capture incentives.

321 Go! pairs software tailor-made for multifamily retrofits with technical support from consultants who truly understand your building’s unique needs.

Why now?

Over 8,000 affordable housing buildings have a compliance deadline this year! New DOB rules allow affordable housing buildings subject to Article 321 more time to comply through a “Mediated Resolution,” if they can demonstrate that they are making progress.

Our game-changing software and experienced support team have you covered! In minutes, using just your building address, you will receive several preliminary LL97 scoping options, using data that you already submitted to the City, including annual benchmarking. Once you have a preliminary scope, our experts work with you to develop a LL97 plan that meets your needs and takes advantage of rebates and incentives.


Buildings that are in HPD’s asset-managed portfolio, larger than 25,000 SF, and subject to LL97 Article 321.


Sign Up

Submit a quick form with a list of your properties’ addresses

1:1 Meeting

Review your building’s needs and LL97 scope of work options with one of our experts.

Data check-up

We work with you to collect information, refine scopes of work, and create a compliance plan to be used for contractor procurement.


Implement the work - either right away or over time (for buildings meeting 2030 or 2035 limits) to make your buildings more affordable, comfortable, and healthy.

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321 Go! is sponsored by NYSERDA and HPD and implemented by Cadence OneFive, NYC Accelerator, and Kinetic Communities Consulting.

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